Our Purpose



 The purpose of Gateway Koi and Pond Club, organized as a non-profit organization, is:

1. to operate on a non-profit basis solely for benevolent, charitable,

 scientific and educational purposes;

2. to provide a local forum for the exchange of ideas and information about

 Koi, Koi husbandry, and ponds; 

3. to foster friendships among people who are interested in Koi and ponds; and

4. to operate as a 501(c) 4 organization.

This Organization shall not function as a Koi rescue agency for the general public.


President - Pam Jokerst

1st Vice President - Dan Gravens

2nd Vice President - Rick Jokerst

Treasurer - Tom Evans

Secretary - Tom Shively

Board Members

Pam Jokerst

Dan Gravens

Tom Evans

Rick Jokerst

Tom Shively

Jeanne Lehr

Kathy Zundel



 The Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA) was established in the early 1970’s.  It was incorporated in 1980 as a California non-profit with 501(c)(3) tax exempt and 509(a)(2) public charity status (IRC).

The AKCA was created to promote our hobby, which involves the appreciation, care, breeding and showing of Japanese Nishikigoi (fish) — commonly referred to as koi.

Our goal is to improve and expand the hobby throughout North America.



 The Northern Midwest Zen Nippon Airinkai Koi Club is a regional chapter of an international organization based in Beppu, Japan. Our goal is to spread the hobby of Koi (Nishikigoi) keepingand to improve the knowledge of the husbandry techniques and the appreciation of Nishikigoi as living art.